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U.S. Military Publishing

U.S. Military Publishing is a woman-owned small business serving 3 million in the military community since 1999. The company utilizes military and veteran talent to produce top quality print and digital offerings that inform, entertain, and support today’s and yesterday’s warfighters and their families. Its flagship brands are delivered directly to active duty and reserve component units and affiliated organizations worldwide.

Yes, niche print magazines are alive and well!

Our Brands

Focused on the unique lifestyle of active-duty military, veterans, military spouses/families, our Military Families brand provides a diverse suite of print and digital products that allows your company’s to directly connect with them where they live, work and play. Let us craft a multi-tactic package of print ads, native sponsored content (print, digital, eNewsletters—you name it!), social media, web banners and programmatic ad delivery. The print magazines, published 10x per year, are requested by more than 1,300 on-base units and affiliated organizations worldwide! Circulation is 155,000 print and digital copies.

Our unique Reserve + National Guard brand is the ONLY suite of media products tailored for the benefit of the 1 million members of the total reserve component. Reach an audience of more than 148,000 print and web subscribers with a customized package of digital ads and sponsored content marketing, paired with high-profile print exposure. Our quarterly magazine includes a range of news and lifestyle content that highlights all seven service branch members, veterans, leadership and families. It is requested at 1,100 reserve centers, National Guard armories, the Pentagon, National Guard Bureau, and government offices nationwide.

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Please contact us to inquire about how our media products can get your brand in front our military audience. sales@usmilitarypublishing.com

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